History of Real Estate Development in the Corolla and Carova Beach Area

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The middle Atlantic Seaboard is a virtual wonderland of natural beauty. Besides the obvious splendor of the sun and sea, its lush, unspoiled marshes and calm waters abound with a flourishing bird population, while its beaches are home to raccoon, rabbits, otters, deer, and all manner of living things.

The surf of the Atlantic, and the gentle waters of the bay and sound provide a sportsman's paradise for fishing, boating, swimming, crabbing, surfing, or just beachcombing for old doubloons or fantastically shaped driftwood.

The Middle Atlantic Seaboard is a fascinating land of show and tell—a land where adventure and enjoyment are limited only by man's imagination. History, mystery, beauty and fun... The Middle Atlantic Beaches are all of these, and more.

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History abounds throughout the Middle Atlantic Seaboard with tales of marauding pirates, hidden treasure, ghosts, and strange-speaking inhabitants of villages almost forgotten by the outside world. It is a place of mystery and of Seafaring days gone by, remembered now only for the occasional ship hulk half buried in the sand, or the surf buffeted skeleton of an ill-fated schooner offshore.

It is on these beaches that Paleolithic man, the ancestor of our American Indian, held clam oyster feasts, the remnants of which can still be seen; It is here that Sir Walter Raleigh's Lost Colony first settled, and where Edward Teach, the infamous Blackbeard, terrorized early colonial shipping. During the Civil War, Yankee sailors, determined to cut off supplies to the South, patrolled its waters and it was here that the Monitor and Merrimac met in their historical duel.

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The Eastern Seaboard of the United States continues to offer more seclusion and opportunity for private recreation than is generally thought possible. This is particularly true of the Outer Banks region of Virginia and North Carolina. Riggs Realty has a long history of helping people become homeowners in the most pristine and preserved parts of the Northern Outer Banks.

Larry Riggs' father, Dr. Sam Riggs, pioneered some of the original homesite areas known as Carova, North Swan, Swan, and Whalehead Beaches. Whether you are seeking historical information about a particular section of the Outer Banks, or you are looking for information towards purchase, there is no more able or informed brokerage firm to contact. The essence of the contribution of Riggs Realty lies in answering the wishes of many people for affordable, prime, seacoast property-- the scarcest and most desirable property in the world.


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